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The Mega site today is a multinational project covering about 30 countries. This is the largest project in the world operating on the darknet, capable of successfully conducting transactions, while ensuring the safety of its stores and customers. Thoughtful working methods, high-quality service and support are in no way inferior to such giants as Amazon or AliExpress. In transactions with prohibited substances and forged documents, safety and a sense of security are always important. The Mega website is the best in the world in this regard.Mega Onion – this is an official mirror and one of the proven ways to log in to the site, since it is blocked on the territory of all CIS countries. When you first log in to the site at an alternative address, problems may occur, since it is not easy to find it in the public domain. You will need to download a Tor browser or find an up-to-date mirror, which can be found both in the visible segment of the World Wide Web (Clearnet) so it is in the Darknet. What are mirrors required for? In fact, they are a complete copy of the official resource, but they work without restrictions. Such sites are created so that users of the visible segment of the Internet can get acquainted with the site of interest without using gateways and secure browsers. However, it is strictly forbidden to enter into transactions on the Internet, this may lead to criminal liability. The only purpose of such mirrors is to familiarize with the interface and functionality of the trading platform of interest. Attention!!! ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Возможные риски: Мега Онион является достаточно защищенным и безопасным ресурсом, но не стоит быть чрезмерно беспечным и полностью расслабляться. Риски всегда существуют, особенно на фоне увеличения аудитории сайта. Вы можете столкнуться с нечестными продавцами, и хоть их заблокируют на платформе, потраченные средства вернуть будет невозможно.

Актуальные и рабочие ссылки и зеркала:

- http://megadmeovbj6ahqw3reuqu5gbg4meixha2js2in3ukymwkwjqqib6tqd onion
- http://mega2svdqoulext5wgfs3zplqpqau62zuuoxcrljkzyn3zed7inmgeqd onion
- http://mega555kf7lsmb54yd6etzginolhxxi4ytdoma2rf77ngq55fhfcnyid onion
- http://mega3kr4b3aq6ic5sepvn7yfwuhgdk6dswfqo6cd6mi5kuiexjbqe3id onion
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